I am going to start my first post EVER by thanking you for taking time out of your day to come to my little corner of the internet.  This is an idea I have had rattling around in my head for around 3 years, and you are actually here reading this now!!  That’s incredible to me.  Granted, there are 7.442 billion people (as of 2016) that are not aware that this place, or I, even exist.  You have to learn to crawl though before you walk, so let’s consider this the first crawl towards my place in interweb lore.


I should probably start by actually telling you the purpose of the blog/website.  I have been a teacher and coach now for 9 years, and have always had a knack for connecting with students.  Through those connections I have a plethora of both wonderful and sometimes sad stories.  I have also come to realize that for whatever reason, I am somebody that people come to talk to about what is going on in their life. Occasionally they just need somebody that cares to listen, but often they are looking for answers and advice.  The goal of Justmeandmystyrofoamcup (JMAMSC) is to be a place where discussions happen that are both helpful, insightful, and always entertaining.  Although my target audience is high school and college students, I hope this is a place where there is a little something for everybody.


The plan is to post a funny story or a question that needs a lot more space to answer on Tuesdays, and a large mailbag of all sorts of questions on Fridays.  I’ll hopefully add some podcasts along the way, and a random post here or there that seems to just feel right at the time.  I figure that as long as I can keep cranking these things out, I will get better at writing, and you will hopefully want to come back.


I need a couple things from you though! If something strikes you in a post, comment below.  If you disagree, comment below.  If you have something to add, comment below.  I want Justmeandmystyrofoamcup to be a place of interaction and not just something to read.  Also, come up with questions to ask me! They can be serious or silly.  Like any good t-ball coach, “I just want us to have some fun out here.”


Most of all, if you are liking what you are reading, and having a good time, tell people about JMAMSC! Best case scenario: This takes off, I get a 10 million dollar book deal, I buy a sweet-ass mountain house, and I get to ski much more often.  Worst case scenario: 3 people read this, and that’s ok. It will still make my sister and I laugh, and my mom still says I’m handsome.